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SysInfoMyWork 2.1 is a program that shows the CPU load and memory usage
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SysInfoMyWork 2.1 is a program that shows the CPU load and memory usage.
The program puts an icon in the system tray, that shows, by default, digital numbers reflecting the free available memory, and the CPU load through a bar.

By pressing the right button of the mouse over the system tray icon, you will open the contextual menu. By choosing the "Settings" command you can set the program to free memory automatically, choosing when will this process be launched. You can also set up how will the program show up, the style, which value will be shown with numbers and which one with the bar.

Choosing the "Information" option will show a balloon from the system tray, that will display the total amount of RAM and the CPU type and family. "Language" will allow you to view the program´s windows in several different languages. "Color Scheme" will let you choose between 6 different schemes, such as blue, light blue, white, green, gray and black.

This menu will also give you access to the Windows Task Manager. This way you will be able to see how the changes you´ve made in the memory affected your system.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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